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हिन्दी प्रदेश के भोले नागरिकों, क्या असम दूसरा कश्मीर है?

 Special Coverage News |  11 Dec 2019 4:59 AM GMT  |  दिल्ली

हिन्दी प्रदेश के भोले नागरिकों, क्या असम दूसरा कश्मीर है?

मैं तो यूपी बिहार की रिपोर्टिंग में ही खप गया। कभी कश्मीर नहीं गया। कभी असम नहीं गया। असम से इतने सारे मैसेज आ रहे हैं कि बता नहीं सकता। मैं कई मैसेज को आप सभी के लिए यहां इकट्ठा कर दिया है। पत्रकार और आम पाठक भी इन मैसेजों के ज़रिए असम की चिन्ताओं को समझ सकते हैं। मुंह फेरने से कुछ नहीं होता। सुनना चाहिए। मैं तो कहता हूं कि ये फीडबैक के तौर पर बीजेपी के सांसदों को भी भेजा जाना चाहिए। गृहमंत्री को भेजने से लाभ नहीं। उन्हें सब पता है। किसी दिन वो संसद में अलजेबरा पर भी लेक्चर दे आएंगे। मुझे नहीं पता इन संदेशों को कौन पढ़ेगा लेकिन मैं अपना काम कर रहा हूं। हिन्दी भाषी चिन्ताओं को लेकर एक ही मेसेज मिला तो वो मैंने दिया है। ताकि सबकी बात आनी चाहिए। सब अपने हैं।

मुझे दुख है कि हिन्दी प्रदेश के युवा देश की इस बड़ी घटना से अलग-थलग हैं। उनके आने वाले मैसेज में मैंने असम या नागिरकता बिल को लेकर कोई चिन्ता नहीं देखी। सबको अपनी परीक्षा की पड़ी है। इसीलिए मैंने नौकरी सीरीज़ बंद कर दी। मुझे स्वार्थी समूह की लोकप्रियता नहीं चाहिए। ठीक है आपकी लड़ाई ज़रूरी है। दो साल सारे मुद्दे छोड़ कर दिन रात दिखाए भी तो। लेकिन एक सजग नागरिक के तौर पर आपसे इतनी उम्मीद तो की जा सकती है कि आप राष्ट्रीय घटनाओं का अध्ययन करें। उस पर प्रतिक्रिया व्यक्त करें।

1. Sir, I am a pregnant woman working for a nationalised bank. Due to this citizenship amendment bill, and the the local news channels reporting that the internet and mobile services will be locked down at any moment, I take this opportunity to text you that we DO NOT WANT TO BE THE NEXT KASHMIR. In case the government locks our services down , we hope and pray that you fight for us and make our voices heard. Because I do not know of anyone else who will do the same. Thank you.

2. I am translating whatever has been said in the video here-We will not accept CAB,that is clear. If central government imposes forcefully, situation will become worst. Situation will become so severe that Indian government has to understand.Second thing, till now, we are being simple, humble Assamese people, but if CAB is imposed on us, then we will be forced to be hardcore Assamese. So, our protest is going intense and it will go more intense. If tomorrow CAB will be passed in Rajya Sabha, we will fight in supreme court too. We will challenge CAB in supreme court in coming 15 december. And we are hopeful that supreme court will do the justice. And I also want to add that we will do Economic protest. I appeal to people of Sabua(place in Assam) that if CAB will be passed tomorrow then no one should allow any train to carry coal and oil tanker from Assam. If we can stop coal & oil supply, then we can shake govt. Only protesting without economic protest are NOT by any NATIONAL MEDIA. so it is our clear voice, Assam is not dumping land for illegal immigrants of Bangladeshi. We will not accept this.

3. Assam mein aaj se internet connection radd kar dene ki baat hai. Please sir hamari haalath logo tak pohochahiye . Hamme CAB nahi chahiye.

4. Sir. I am from Assam, currently working in BANGALORE. Due to the current Situation in Assam. Soon BJP may shutdown the internet as in Tripura. This may stop the voice of Assamese people. If they do such inhuman activities, please report the same in your channel. Thanks Subhasish

5. Regarding protest against CAB in Assam- North East chor k baki India ka logo ko nhi pata he ki we are not fighting for muslim's not getting citizenship.. We are fighting for our own community, culture, language. Do ek National Media jo dikha rha hein Assam k bare me wo v protest ka orginal facts nhi dikha kar gumraah kr rha hein..Sir, you are our last hope to raise the topic on national television.. #SaveAssam I'm not a Muslim, Not a Congress, non political engineering passed out student

6. We are protesting against CAB right now in front of Cotton University Girls Hostel, Guwahati...

7. Sir, We don't have much time, as they're (BJP) is going to make Assam 2nd Kashmir, we want you to know that BJP wants to create a bad environment around the state and the CAB is very dangerous to our people, culture, integrity of Assamese people, we all are insecure, and after this bill, we will be pushed to a constraint situation in an independent country. And this bill itself violets the basic principles of the Indian constitution. We Assamese people vehemently oppose this bill(CAB) and wish you be a voice to our people when we will be condemned to utter our emotions which are already fringed by BJP government for their political benefits only. Thank you .

8. Citizen amendment Bill. For Assam it is not about religion, it about our land, home, culture and language. The rest of india may be fighting this bill for the reason of not including muslims in it but assam says we are not going to accept any foreign citizen of any religion.

9. sir plz do something for assam please.. you are the only one person how can help us by your news.. #against CAB.

10. Ravish sir, we just heard that Assam has to face internet ban from tonight like #Kashmir.... Our fundamental rights is being curtailed... Please make a noise in this issue... We protest against cab... That's our fundamental right to protest.... But this facist government has nothing to do with the Constitution... Very sad

11. Ravish kumar ji kaal se assam mein internet seya bondh ho jayega like kashmir jaysa... Cab kaa birodh pura bharat kare assa karta hu.Im from Assamese in assam

12. Now assam pro rss bjp govt will cut down the mobile internet service in assam....therefore in any circumstances u plz stand with northeastern people to raise our voice .....we have our own culture and identity...we dont want to loose it by inviting foreigners ( specially bangladeshis ) through CAB... STAND WITH US AND RAISE OUR VOICE .. #its demand from northeastern people...and as an assamese..

13. Sir, My name is Karabi..I am from Assam. I believe that you are the only one who shows the reality. We are in horrible condition fighting against CAB. We will never accept it. It's my humble request to you please kindly show and spread our voices as far as possible.

14. Respected Sir

I'm from Assam.Maybe in a few hours our internet conntivity will be also cut off like Tripura.This looks like the repetition of the Kashmir incident...Can you be the voice of the people of Northeast at this time crisis! Thank you

15. Ha sir manta hu virodh ho rahe he par apko sayad pata nahi hoga ki yaha he Hindu bangali bhaiyo ko kitni takhlif hoti he yaha rehne me yaha in kamina Assamese logo ko hafta Dena padhta he bangali bhaiyo ko wo bhi AASU KE Nam par wo aap thori na dekhenge

16. Dear friends , specially those who don't understand Assamese , I thought of sharing with you what's actually going on at my land .Coz ,internet services may be ripped off from us at any moment . The anti Cab protest is not communal ,nor it's against any other fellow Indians .It's our fight against illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators . We are already overburdened from years n years , our own language n culture are at a total threat .Bringing in another set of foreigners ,that too on basis of religion itself is against constitution of India . Assam is burning and the Government is totally turning it's back to us . Each of us is carrying a deep seated anguish and anger .The claims made my Modi to send back every illegal Bangladeshi itself is a big joke . This is our fight for our motherland . If u feel our pain ,stand in solidarity with us !! Joi Aai Axom জয় আই অসম #AntiCab

17. Tripura main tibro Andolon ke karon Internet or SMS seva 48 hours ke liye bond kor di gayi.

18. श्रीमान , मैं मिहिर। आज सुबह से असम के गुवाहाटी में पैदल चलके बिरोध प्रदर्शन देखता रहा । लोगों की प्रतिक्रिया सुनता रहा ।लोगों में भ्रम है। कई लोग असम के पिछले अनुभवों के आधार पे इसे शक की निगाह से देख रहें हैं। कुछ लोग ऐसे नाहक का बिल बता रहें हैं , उनका कहना है जो हैं सो हैं , पता नही कौन पहले से है कौन 2014 से है , सरकार उनके लिए एक विंडो खोल के चुपचाप भी ये कर सकती थी। अब तो सब शक के दायरे में आ गए हैं । ये लपट ज्यादा फैली तो असम और पुरबोत्तर में ब्यापार से जुड़े लाखों बिहार और UP के लोगों को इसका प्रतिकुल असर झेलना पड़ेगा। कुछ असामी युवा इसके पक्ष में भी दिखे। उनका कहना है कि हिन्दू हिंदुस्तान में न बसाये जाएं तो फिर जाएं कहाँ

19.यह लेख जैसा मैसेज है। असम से चंद्रेयी ने भेजा है। मैं इसे आखिरी मेसेज के रूप में पोस्ट कर रहा हूं।

20. It is true that the Bill is outrightly communal but there are other important issues also which needs attention. Through you and your channel I hope that these issues will come to the fore. 1)This Bill has very specific effects on Assam due to its historical events and episodes related to migration, dating back from the colonial time. In this regard, it is crucial to look at the socio-historical context of Assam and its relation to the Indian state to grasp the ground realities. Migration is not a new phenomenon in Assam. Rather, at different junctures of time, various communities have set their foot in this land and settled here. The Ahoms for instance who ruled Assam for around 500 years came from the northern and eastern hill tracts of Upper Burma and Western Yunnan. However, as a part of invasion and accession strategies of dynasties, the Ahoms too extended their empire and made Assam their homeland. But at that time the western notion of nation-state was not introduced which latter was going to be definitional for the identity of India. The arrival of colonial rulers led to the 'we' feeling which is essential for any community to turn into a nation-state. However, one should not mistake the creation of this sense of belongingness to be organic. Rather, it is a result of the European quest to familiarise themselves with what they regarded as the 'other' leading to the construction of the 'orient' based on certain investigative modalities like the census .In such a background, at another level, a consolidation of regional identity was also taking place. The construction of 'Asamiya' identity and Assam in general can be seen as the consequence of these notions of nation, state and the people. As the Ahom rule got weakened due to internal contradictions, it paved the way for Burmese invasion and latter the arrival of British in Assam. The British in pretext of saving Assam from Burmese army conquered it making it a part of British India in 1826 thereby linking it with colonial capitalist world economy. However, the existing Ahom bureaucracy did not fit into the modern bureaucratic structure of the colonial rule. The British colonizers also had no intention of educating the Assamese immediately in order to ensure their continuity in the new colonial set up. This in turn delayed the process of formation of a western educated middle class among Assamese. Therefore, it explains the import of 'Baboos' from neighbouring Bengal to recruit in the junior level positions of the colonial administration in Assam. It is important to understand that the British colonised Bengal much earlier and a new middle class emerged with the expansion of western education in Bengal presidency from the Bengali Hindus mainly drawn from the upper castes .In the absence of an Assamese middle class in the early colonial Assam, the Bengalis, largely Hindus monopolised nearly all jobs meant for the Indians in the colonial administration. This eventually led to their domination in all aspects, most visibly with the question of language. For their administrative convenience, the British authorities introduced Bengali in the schools and courts of Assam. This replacement of language resulted in a sense of animosity between what latter would be defined as the two linguistic communities of Bengalis and Assamese(Hussein,1989). Therefore, one of the causes cited by various scholars for the emergence of a consolidated 'Asamiya' identity amongst the otherwise heterogeneous and segmented communities was an assertion of autonomy and distinctiveness of Assamese language and culture against the British colonial view of Assam as a periphery to Bengal. This understanding of the historical context is important to locate the current impasse in the state. Though the debates around the Citizenship Bill have been more about the illegal immigrants specifically from Bangladesh, one cannot have unilateral approach towards the whole issue. We have to understand that the entire issue of 'Asamiya' identity and its relation to safeguard it from monopolization of the 'outsiders' stems from the political economy which the British constructed for the continuation of their reign. For instance, since Assam was thinly populated during 19th century, therefore, the British had to directly or indirectly patronised migration of peasants from thickly populated East Bengal to Assam's waste land. This was all to generate more land revenues and profit the 'crown'. Besides, the post-independence period also witnessed a neo-colonial hegemony in the form of Indian state. Despite being abundant of resources Assam's economy continued to be stagnant. It is because Assam was denied the share of what it produced. For instance, many of the tea estates were transferred to big industrialists and as result of concealment of real profits, Assam who was entitled to get 60% of the profit had been deprived of it. Therefore, the unwillingness to attend to and the failure of political leadership of post colonial India in developing the economy and infrastructure of Assam caused anguish amongst the masses which accumulated and burst out in the form of Assam Movement. Though the movement was for the detection and deportation of the illegal migrants but the larger context of Assam being ignorant within the Indian state is significant to take into cognizance. Thus, the economic underdevelopment of the state along with assertion of autonomy and distinctiveness accentuated by heavy immigration were the major themes in Assamese 'sub-nationalism' (Baruah, 2005). Today, when the entire country is debating about CAB, such a specific context needs to be heard. Here, in Assam, we are protesting to save both the secular character of our constitution as well as for the dignity of people belonging from myriad tribal groups, religions, castes, who have made Assam their home. This bill is a slap to these people and the long struggles that our previous generations had done for preserving our language, heritage and culture. This bill has once again proved that people from the Northeast region mean nothing for the Centre and they can use us as pawn for their vote bank politics. 2) Through this Bill, the poison of hatred has been stirred again and very vehemently. Once, the bill is passed in the Rajya Sabha, the situation will become more tensed. Already there have been speculation of violence against certain communities. This violence and rioting will not only be between Hindus and Muslims, but also between linguistic groups of Bengalis and Assamese as well as tribals and non tribals and most important it would bring the debate of indigenous verses non-indegenous in a bloody manner rather than firm deliberations. It seems that we are going back to the gory time of Assam Movement where so many youths got killed and communities became enemies of each other. It also has the possibility of pushing another generation into the darkness of arm struggle or rampant unemployment or losing out their opportunity to build careers, what exactly happened after Assam Movement. 3)Besides, the Bill which was tabled by Home Minister Amit Shah and passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday, does not specifically says anything about its further amendments. It notes that Hindus,Sikh,Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian community from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistanwho entered into India on or before the 31st day of December,2014 shall not be treated as illegal migrant. Besides, very randomly choosing the cut-off date, it also does not specify whether it is the final cut-off date. By doing so, it leaves future possibilities for amending the cutoff date according to the whims and fancies of the Hindutva and vote bank politics. What would happen if tomorrow the existing or a new government say that the new cutoff date is 2030? Providing shelter and citizenship to the refugees who have fled their countries for different reasons can be acceptable but that should not be biased against certain communities and need to follow a democratic process. Mr. Shah's idea of 'ghuspetia' and 'sharanarthi' is a subtle way of discriminating communities based on prejudices. Besides, the specificities of the context also needs to be taken into account. Here, the case of Assam is one such specific context which has been blatantly ignored and undermined. It is important to understand that as an already underdeveloped state, it will be a disaster to take the burden of more and more people not only in terms of economy but also both politically and culturally.

I hope that such points will be raised by you and that the voices of the people from Assam will find a place in the media.

एक देश एक कानून की सनक का क्या हाल होता है उसकी मिसाल है नागरिकता बिल। जब यह कानून बनेगा तो देश के सारे हिस्सों में एक तरह से लागू नहीं होगा। पूर्वोत्तर में ही यह कानून कई सारे अगर मगर के साथ लागू हो रहा है। मणिपुर में लागू न हो सके इसके लिए 1873 के अंग्रेज़ों के कानून का सहारा लिया गया है। वहां पहली बार इनर लाइन परमिट लागू होगा। अब भारतीय परमिट लेकर मणिपुर जा सकेंगे। इसके बाद भी मणिपुर में इस कानून को लेकर जश्न नहीं है। छात्र संगठन NESO के आह्वान का वहां भी असर पड़ा है। अरुणाचल प्रदेश, मिज़ोरम और नागालैंड में यह कानून लागू नहीं होगा। असम और त्रिपुरा के उन हिस्सों में लागू नहीं होगा जहां संविधान की छठी अनुसूचि के तहत स्वायत्त परिषद काम करती है। सिक्किम में लागू नहीं होगा क्योंकि वहां अनुच्छेद 371 की व्यवस्था है।

देश ऐसे ही होता है। अलग अलग भौगोलिक क्षेत्रों के लिए अलग कानून की ज़रूरत पड़ती है। भारत ही नहीं दुनिया भर में कानूनों का यही इतिहास और वर्तमान है। एक देश के भीतर कहीं कानून भौगोलिक कारणों से अलग होता है तो कहीं सामुदायिक कारणों से। इन ज़रूरतों के कारण प्रशासनिक ढांचे भी अलग होते हैं। लेकिन कश्मीर को लेकर हिन्दी प्रदेशों की सोच कुंद कर दी गई। हिन्दी अखबारों और हिन्दी चैनलों ने हिन्दी प्रदेशों की जनता को मूर्ख बनाया कि जैसे कश्मीर में एक देश एक कानून का न होना ही संकट का सबसे बड़ा कारण है। अब वही हिन्दी अखबार और हिन्दी चैनल आपको एक देश एक कानून पर लेक्चर नहीं दे रहे हैं और न कोई गृहमंत्री या प्रधानमंत्री से सवाल कर रहा है। सबको पता है कि जनता पढ़ी लिखी है नहीं। जो पढ़ी लिखी है वो भक्ति में मगन है तो जो जी चाहे बोल कर निकल जाओ।

आप हिन्दी अख़बारों को देखिए। क्या उनमें पूर्वोत्तर की चिन्ताएं और आंदोलन की ख़बरें हैं? क्यों आपको जानने से रोका जा रहा है? आप जान जाएंगे तो क्या हो जाएगा? क्योंकि हिन्दी अखबार नहीं चाहते कि हिन्दी प्रदेशों का नागिरक सक्षम बने। आप आज न कल, हिन्दी अखबारों की इस जनहत्या के असर का अध्ययन करेंगे और मेरी बात मानेंगे। अखबारों का झुंड हिन्दी के ग़रीब और मेहनतकश नागिरकों के विवेक ही हत्या कर रहा है। अब भी आप एक मिनट के लिए अपने अखबारों को पलट कर देखिए और हो सके तो फाड़ कर फेंक दीजिए उन्हें। हिन्दुस्तान अखबार ने लिखा है कि नागरिकता विधेयक पर अंतिम अग्निपरीक्षा आज। राज्य सभा में बिल पेश होना है और हिन्दी का एक बड़ा अखबार अग्निपरीक्षा लिखता है। आप अग्निपरीक्षा जानते हैं। जिस बिल को लेकर झूठ बोला जा रहा है, जिसे पास होने में कोई दिक्कत नहीं है, क्या उसकी भी अग्निपरीक्षा होगी?

स्पेशल कवरेज न्यूज़ से जुड़े अन्य अपडेट लगातार हासिल करने के लिए हमें न्यूज़ ऐप और फेसबुक पर ज्वॉइन करें, ट्विटर पर फॉलो करे...
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